Hi we are Richard and Malina designers, art and music lovers. We love to make T-shirts!

Image by Alp Ancel


Are you an artist, a band or someone who is looking for a gift?

Streets Workshop is a UK based T-shirt printing business and shop located in the Northwest town of Southport that began in 2020, we believe in quality and the preservation of affordable and wearable artwork, having hand selected each of our designs carefully as we feel that it is very important to create something beautiful with each T-shirt. 

We use a sublimation process. Sublimation is the act of heat pressing our designs into the fiber of the T-shirt allowing for longer lasting  prints, this process also allows us to capture the full potential of each design with a vivid range of colour and high quality detailed print. 

Our affordable 100% organic fair-trade colour T-shirts are an excellent addition giving you the best of both worlds, eco friendly comfortable cotton T-shirts and high quality wearable sublimation printing. Perfect for creatives and gifters alike!  

As our shop grows we will be adding many other designs, so keep up to date with our website and social media for any new arrivals, sales or updates. We are also open for artist collaborations and band merch, so if you are a creative type looking for a new path to follow, choose us!

Martyna & Richard.